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CEI works with EPA during research for completing a revitalization rapid health impact assessment of a former Brownfield site.
Working with EPA to complete a rapid health impact assessment project helps community Brownfield site.

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CEI completes a Building Condition Survey for recreation center building. (07/12/2013)

Compliance Environmental completed a Building Condition Survey for the Dover Parks Recreation Building to assist the City of Dover in determining the best path forward for the building. The survey was performed for the City’s need to determine whether to renovate or demolish the building. The survey reviewed key elements of the building including the HVAC systems, roof, windows, doors, thermal insulation, energy efficiency, asbestos, mold, lead-based paint, and potential hazardous materials before any structural or accessibility improvements are completed. CEI completed the survey with in-house resources.

The survey also responded to the City’s need to identify any conditions that would create imminent health hazards which would jeopardize the safety of building users. Current environmental regulations sometimes require that buildings are examined for compliance when potential changes are in the planning stage. The survey provides the necessary documentation of items required by environmental regulations that the City would need to address if the building were to be renovated or demolished.

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