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CEI works with EPA during research for completing a revitalization rapid health impact assessment of a former Brownfield site.
Working with EPA to complete a rapid health impact assessment project helps community Brownfield site.

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CEI provides Project Management for asbestos abatement projects in school buildings. (07/12/2013)

Using in-house project management processes and resources, Compliance Environmental developed the needed work approach and specifications to successfully complete removal of almost 20,000 square-feet of asbestos floor tile and mastics within a short 4 week time period and within budget in Delaware Kent and Sussex County school buildings. The need to hit the ground running early during the school’s Summer break schedule allows more time in the calendar for installation of upgraded flooring after asbestos removal and ensures that the new flooring will be installed prior to the first day of Fall classes.

One of the keys to delivering several fast and concurrent projects such as this is to have skillful professionals, an excellent communication process, and good working relationships with environmental regulators, building officials and contractors. Having an accurate specification to guide the process is a prerequisite and ensures time and budget success.

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